Frequently Asked Questions

Is it only cpm?

Of course not! 60cpm is just the base pay, our top achievers can qualify for bonuses like Employee of the month (in both performance and safety category). And we make sure all of our drivers are striving to the top by implementing the Boost bonus, where we’re tracking your performance every month and rewarding certain mileage accordingly. Besides, there are also Sign-on bonus, Safety bonus, Drivers referral, etc.

Do you use driver-facing cameras?

We absolutely respect our drivers comfort, personal space and privacy, and therefore the only cameras we use are the ones recording the road.

What are your truck governed at?

Our trucks are governed at 70mph, which is the speed limit our drivers are satisfied with. However, it can be slightly adjusted for our Lease Purchase drivers.

Is there a rider and/or pet policy at Evennon?

When it comes to passengers we are usually open, but you do have to inform us in advance. The same goes for pets.

Do you hire teams?

Yes, we do, but we don’t assign you with a team driver. If you can recommend someone responsible who you could co-drive with – we are interested!

How does home time work?

Home time is organized perfectly so that when you announce it to the Dispatch, they find you a route near to your hometown and a truck stop nearby, so you can either leave your truck and (empty) trailer there, or you can bobtail home if you have secured a safe parking spot. Our OTR drivers are usually out for about 20 days and then they have 3-4 days off.

Do you have automatic trucks?

Yes, we do! We have both manual and automatic trucks to choose from. Furthermore, they are all equipped with APU, refrigerators and inverters.

Being an Evennon Driver